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Mental Health for Depression & Anxiety

Do you have an anxiety disorder? Common symptoms include: sleepless nights, racing thoughts, and panic attacks. Fortunately, anxiety and depression is a highly treatable condition and treated by Health Releaf Therapists.
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Therapy For Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health

Health Releaf Mental Health Services – New Office Location:

1406B Crain Highway South, Suite 306
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Health Releaf offers mental health therapy at our Glen Burnie, MD location. We treat patients with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. Anxiety disorders are treatable conditions. The right therapist and approach to your therapy can produce significant improvements to your condition and symptoms. The Health Releaf Mental Health and Therapist staff works to uncover underlying causes of your worries, panic, and fears. Learn how to calm yourself by developing coping, problem solving, and perspective skills. Our therapy sessions will provide you with the tools you need to overcome the symptoms that occur with anxiety disorders. The Health Releaf therapists treat patients seeking relief from:
• Panic & Fear
• Feelings of Doom or Danger
• Sleep Problems
• Inability to Calm Down
• Cold, Sweaty, Numb, and Tingling Hands or Feet
• Shortness of Breath
• Fest Breathing & Increased Heart Rate
• Heart Palpitations

Mental Health & Therapy Care

Therapy for:  Depression / Anxiety / Stress
Therapy for: Recovery and Addictions
Therapy for: Relationships / Marital / Couples
Therapy for: Family
Therapy for: Group
Therapy for: Grief
Therapy for: Eating Disorders
• Therapy for: Anger Management
• Therapy for: Court Ordered Therapy
• Therapy for: Personality Disorders
Therapy for: Suboxone Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Sublocade-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Vivitrol-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for Lofexidine Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for: Lucemyra-medication

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