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Health Releaf is now accepting appointments for DOT physicals mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers.
DOT Compliance

Physical Examinations

Health Releaf is now accepting appointments for DOT health examinations.

What is a DOT physical?

A DOT physical is a health examination mandated by the FMCSA for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers. A DOT physical helps determine if a driver is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to operate a CMV.

Who performs the exam?

The FMCSA only allows certified medical examiners (CMEs) to perform DOT physicals. The Department of Transportation sets the physical requirements that a CMV driver must meet to pass their DOT exam and Health Releaf is legally required to follow these criteria when performing the examinations.

What does an DOT exam consist of?

A DOT Physical evaluates a driver’s medical history, vision, hearing, blood pressure/pulse rate, urinalysis and overall physical condition. This can help ensure that a driver does not have certain health conditions and can safely operate a commercial vehicle. Here are the components of the exam:

1. Vision Test

Drivers are required to have at least 20/40 vision in each eye. If they wear prescription glasses, they must bring them to their appointment. They will also be tested to distinguish various colors and are also required to have at least 70” peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye.

2. Hearing Test

Another portion of the test includes a hearing test. With or without hearing aids, a driver must be able to hear a “forced whisper” at a distance of 5ft or less.

3. Urinalysis

You will be asked to take a urinalysis test. This test will help determine if you might have a medical condition or any irregularities that require immediate attention.

3. Blood Pressure/ Pulse Rate

A driver’s blood pressure and pulse will be taken. This will help check for any underlying health conditions or abnormalities.

4. Physical Examination

A physical exam will assess the following:

• General appearance
• Eyes, Ears, Mouth & Throat (cataracts, glaucoma, ear drums, breathing and swallowing)
• Lungs & Chest (abnormal breathing, respiratory function)
• Abdomen & Organs (unusual masses, hernias, weakness)
• Vascular System (weak pulse, blood flow, varicose veins)
• Extremities (limb impairment, weakness)
• Spine/Musculoskeletal (limitations, tenderness)
• Neurological (balance, reflexes, speech)

Where can I get an examination?

Health Releaf offers DOT physicals at both our Glen Burnie and Edgewater locations. To schedule an appointment, simply contact us at (301) 804-0344.

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DOT Physical Examinations

Health Releaf is now accepting appointments for DOT Physical Examinations, mandated by the Department of Transportation.

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