We accept Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurances. We also offer affordable self-pay rates for those who are uninsured.

We use a sliding fee scale (SFS) to determine your cost for services, which is based on your family size and income. We accept all patients, even if they cannot pay the full cost. Use the calculator or chart below to find your sliding fee rate. If you have any questions or are worried about paying for care, contact our office at (301) 804-0344 or send us an email to [email protected] for further information.

Sliding Fee Scale Policy

Sliding Fee Scale (SFS) policies provide the specific instructions or procedures for implementing the SFS. The SFS policies ensure that the SFS program is patient-centered, improves access to care, and assures that no patient will be denied health care services due to an inability to pay. At a minimum, within the policy, the following areas must be addressed:

1. The purpose of the SFS, which is a model for payments administered to patients which are fees for services that are adjusted depending on an individual’s income that is set to allow for fairness and to address income inequality;
2. Patient eligibility for the SFS program which is determined based off of income and family size;
3. Documentation and verification requirements to determine patient eligibility;
4. An explanation of SFS charges based on Federal Poverty Level;
5. Process of assessing patient’s continued eligibility for the SFS program;
6. How the SFS program will be advertised to the patient population, which the SFS will be advertised on the practice’s website and in our offices; and
7. Exclusions to the SFS program which includes exclusion of testing procedures such as injectables, certain diagnostic testing and infusions for patient’s who do qualify for the SFS program.
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