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Behavioral Health Treatment and Therapy/Counseling services offered both in-person and virtual
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Mental Health
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Health Releaf Behavioral Health Treatment and Counseling Services:

1406B Crain Highway South, Suite 306
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Health Releaf offers behavioral and mental health services both in-person and virtual. Our team of highly trained therapists, counselors and psychiatric providers are committed to providing caring, compassionate and confidential services, tailored to meet the needs of every individual we serve.

In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, we will offer psychosocial assessments, psychiatric evaluations, and individualized treatment planning to patients who require additional therapeutic supports in the home and community. We also provide our clients with medication management services.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances, and look forward to servicing both your primary care and behavioral health needs!

Mental Health & Therapy Care

Therapy for:  Depression / Anxiety / Stress
Therapy for: Recovery and Addictions
Therapy for: Relationships / Marital / Couples
Therapy for: Family
Therapy for: Group
Therapy for: Grief
Therapy for: Eating Disorders
• Therapy for: Anger Management
• Therapy for: Court Ordered Therapy
• Therapy for: Personality Disorders
Therapy for: Suboxone Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Sublocade-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Vivitrol-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for Lofexidine Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for: Lucemyra-medication

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Mental Health & Therapy Services

Are You Interested In Scheduling a Mental Health Appointment With a Health Releaf Therapist?

    Health Releaf

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