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Addiction and recovery is often an isolating disease. Working with a therapist during active addiction or recovery is a great tool to help you get through difficult triggers. Do you think your recovery could benefit from addiction therapy? Health Releaf provides addiction and recovery counseling for our patients struggling with drugs and alcohol.
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Therapy For Recovery & Addiction

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Therapy for Recovery / Addiction
One of the most important parts of someone’s recovery is the necessary tools and resources mental health therapy can provide. Detox is simply the first of many steps in recovery, learning to manage cravings and avoiding relapse are important skills therapy and mental health services can offer. Psychological and social factors can be powerful triggers you’ll need to learn to recognize and manage. Health Releaf therapy services can help you manage stress, cues or triggers, and social settings that can be disruptive to your recovery process.

Health Releaf provides not just one on one counseling to those in recovery, we also offer behavioral therapy, family counseling and others to help you to stay clean. All of our treatment programs are tailored to your addiction and individual needs.

Health Releaf also provides maintenance therapy and Suboxone maintenance treatment an FDA approved treatment option for opioid addiction.

Mental Health & Therapy Care

Therapy for:  Depression / Anxiety / Stress
Therapy for: Recovery and Addictions
Therapy for: Relationships / Marital / Couples
Therapy for: Family
Therapy for: Group
Therapy for: Grief
Therapy for: Eating Disorders
• Therapy for: Anger Management
• Therapy for: Court Ordered Therapy
• Therapy for: Personality Disorders
Therapy for: Suboxone Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Sublocade-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
Therapy for: Vivitrol-Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for Lofexidine Opioid Maintenance Treatment
• Therapy for: Lucemyra-medication

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