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If you’re searching for a new provider to take care of you but can’t afford to wait months to see one, please contact us to make an appointment. We are accepting new patients.
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Primary Care Services

Looking for a new Primary Care Provider? We promise to respect your time and not make you wait for hours in the waiting room. We listen and hear your concerns, provide easy to understand feedback and do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

We understand people have high expectations for the quality of care and engagement they receive from a provider. We understand people want to be able to have access to their own medical information and be able to contact their healthcare provider without difficulty. We take the time to walk through information and treatment recommendations with our patients and discuss any questions or concerns that may come up during a visit.

There is no denying patient expectations have changed and Health Releaf makes every effort to keep abreast of those changes to ensure our patients have a satisfying experience at our facility. To stay competitive while meeting the needs of our patients, our providers foster a close and open relationship with our patients.

We believe patients need to feel a genuine connection with their provider and work extremely hard to make sure our patients receive reasonable time and undivided attention during each visit. Health Releaf feels this is instrumental in providing excellent service.

Our Services Include:

• Prevention & Wellness
• General Health Services
• Pain Management
• Family Medicine
• Comprehensive Physical Examinations
• Gynecology Exams/Services
• Administrative/Travel and Back-to-School Health Exams
• Acute and Chronic Disease Management
• COPD & Asthma Care
• Family Planning Services
• Weight Loss Services
• DOT Physicals
• Substance and Alcohol Abuse Treatment with Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
• Psychiatric Medication Management
• EKGs/Echocardiograms
• Vascular Studies
• Telemedicine/Telehealth Visits

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    Health Releaf

    Health Releaf looks forward to the possibility of becoming your healthcare provider.  We thrive on our patient relationships and hope to see you soon.

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